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A little about me

Ems, Emme, Em (Anything bar "oi you" really!)

Family, friends, and pets

Tell us about your real or sports family

Mum, Dad, Brother and a mass of lovable extended family from up ta North.

A horse resembling Black Beauty carrying a little too much holiday weight.

Where's home?

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United Kingdom

"Do, or do not. There is no try" Yoda

Horseriding mainly cross country and showjumping (since 5yo).
Rode racehorses for 3 years.
As a Career so I still ride out for a racehorse trainer in my spare time.
Traveling to far off places pretending to be Indiana Jones, all my money goes on travelling, its an unhealthy obsession (Since 2009)
Playing the clarinet and saxophone (since 2009)
OCR, (since 2014)
Pole dancing/pole fitness NOTE: I'm not a stripper!, (since 2014)
Ultra races and adventure marathons/ any running that is not on a road. (Since 2016)
Cosplay - Geek costume dressing up for people unawares! (Since 2016)
Kickboxing (started September 2017)
Calisthenics (started January 2017)
Cycling and swimming (started September 2017)
Spending time with family
Alternative days out with friends
Drawing and sketching
Interior Design
Singing horrendously in the shower, the car, the supermarket.
Cutting truly amazing shapes just about everywhere.
Assassins Creed
Musical Theatre

I am overly competitive, even in a mugging.
After a friend and I were mugged at 2 am down an alley in Rome, I chased the mugger down 4 streets in flip-flops determined not to let him be faster.
I caught up with him and a group of men he clearly new and decided it was a bad idea to go any further so went and found my crying friend instead.
I was fuming, not because we had lost our money and bags but because he was faster than me.
In hindsight I have no idea what I would have done if I had caught up with him.

Mongolian Derby 2021 (longest horse race in the world and on wild horses), Black belt in kickboxing, Ironman 2018, on a mission to tick off the last two seven wonders of the world from the list : Christ the Redeemer and Chichen Itza, hike to Everest base camp, learn to scuba dive, design and build my own house, learn to handstand walk and human flag, learn to play the violin, become an even worse singer.

Something called the monkey run in Morocco
In a nutshell, you are abandoned in the middle of the Sahara desert and have to find your way back to the Atlantic Ocean with nothing but your bag/pack and a 48cc child's motorbike. Once the mission is complete, a hike up the Atlas mountains and a week discovering Morocco would be ideal.

what I have to offer - I am a jack of all trades that likes to try new things. This provides a wide knowledge of how to get started in new hobbies from a beginners point of view. I think a lot of people are afraid to start new things as they do not know where to start or feel worried about looking a fool. I can offer advice alongside ridiculous sticky situations I have found myself in when starting new adventures so people realise that everyone goes through difficult teething problems in a new venture and that they do not last forever. I used to be a shy individual but now I throw myself in at the deep end and love a challenge without thinking of the consequences. I think more people need to be like this and just go out and try things that may ultimately make them very happy and they may end up being very good at. Life is full of surprises!

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Thank you!
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