Welcome to Okhane (pronounced “O-Ca-Neigh” and means “Out There”)

We have a simple yet massive single vision…

to help you improve the quality and health of your life and of those around you

Our Vision

A worldwide community connected through and inspired by sport, health and wellbeing.

Our Mission


“Teamwork makes the dream work”. To create a supportive and inclusive network of like-minded individuals.


Breaking down barriers and allowing exploration of new areas of sport, health and wellbeing.


Healthy body means a healthy mind.


To create a community fit for all.

Welcome to Okhane

An open the door to a world of like-minded strangers brought together as friends through the enjoyment of their interests. People who run, climb, swim, cycle, hike, dance and travel together. People who draw, play games, take photos, cook and read. People who love a challenge. People who are looking for a little peace.

Okhane is the space we have been looking for, where we can voice and share our own stories and enthusiasms, advice and knowledge that we have gathered on our own journeys, which has inspired us and where we hope we can do the same for others.

An ever-growing network of people who are trying to make just small changes, initially, to the quality of their lives and to the lives of others, through health, well-being and lifestyle. They all want to share their experiences, knowledge and expertise with others in the hope of offering inspiration, advice and friendship in these areas, one or more of which, touch most of us. And all of which they believe could improve quality of life, just a little bit, but maybe enough.

Okhane is not just an online community. Okhane is real, it is an attitude. Okhane means “to get out there”. We want people to get together; to go to these events, presentations, exhibitions, openings… And say “hello, I’m me, it’s great to meet you”

Okhane is here to help take you on your journey. Whether you want to lose a little weight, start a new hobby, find easy healthy recipes, or even help manage your time better; Okhane is building a community for you. There are some wanting a physical challenge like climbing the highest mountain, run a triathlon, starting yoga or complete an Obstacle Course Race; Okhane is building a community for you.

We are built on a subject and regional basis, so we can ensure you get the right information, at the right time, in the right location.

Join us, together we will “Be Fearless” and start your journey.